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Termite Treatment Near Me

Termites are a major issue for many people in the U.S. Each year, these insects cause over $5 billion in property damages in the US—what's worse is that homeowners’ insurance rarely covers the damages. Here at Extermatrimwe’ve made it our duty to provide high-quality termite control to help protect our community from the stress and heartache of an infestation. 

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Effective Termite Treatments with Proven Results

Using Termidor HE and Trelona Bait, we are able to set up extremely effective treatments at the base of your foundation and the surrounding areas of your home. This attacks the problem at the source by killing termites that come in contact, as well as turning them into carriers that spread the treatment throughout the colony. We will determine which treatment—either liquid treatment or a bait system—is best for your structure, and in certain cases use both.

When you partner with us for termite treatment, you can expect the following from our services:

  • A comprehensive termite inspection to assess your needs and your home’s conditions.
  • A personalized treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.
  • Services that are completed by licensed and insured exterminators.
  • Effective liquid treatments and/or bait stations to completely eradicate the population.
  • Treatments for subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry-wood termites, and powder post beetles.
  • Follow-up inspections—annually for liquid treatments and every 3 months for bait stations—to ensure your home stays protected.
  • A home free of wood-destroying insects, guaranteed!

To help make sure that everyone can afford effective termite treatment, we offer $50 off our initial treatment.

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Our Termite Control Inspections & Solutions

When these pests have already entered a building, accurately identifying their areas of access and professionally protecting the structure with a non-repellent termiticide is the most effective way to control infestations and prevent further damage. If you need to protect your home from termites and other pests, our HomeGuard Premier package may be for you! 

Here is what our package offers:

  • Termite Inspections; A 57-point inspection will be performed at no charge, and includes a free treatment quote.
  • Termidor Treatments: Extermatrim has mainly used the globally top-rated termite treatment, Termidor, for over 12 years now. We utilize Termidor HE, Termidor Dry, and Termidor Foam, depending on the infestation. In some cases, Trelona Termite Baiting System is the best option. The termite treatment cost averages between $500–$1,500.
  • Real Estate Certificates: Selling, buying, or refinancing a home normally requires WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report). The cost for an active termite control client is only $20.00.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee, while most other pest control companies have a NO money-back guarantee!
  • An annual renewable contract with a five-year price lock.
  • As well as protection from 20+ common household pests.

Eco-Friendly Termite Control You Can Trust

Here at Extermatrim, we put your family’s safety first and foremost in our work. Our state-certified technicians complete ongoing training throughout their careers to keep them ready to administer top-of-the-line termite treatment. We are proud to utilize organic, reduced-risk treatments that are easy on your family and pets while still offering an effective and guaranteed solution. 

Save $95 When You Switch to Extermatrim

It’s common for homeowners to try out an off-shelf local hardware store DIY termite control or various pest control companies before they find the right solution. When you cancel a treatment plan with another company to sign up with our team at Extermatrim, you can save $95 on your service. Getting real results and saving money? That’s a win-win.

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FAQ About Our Termite Control Services

When my home is treated for termites, do we have to leave the home?

No, your family does not have to leave. Termidor is one of the safest materials to treat termites on the market today, with virtually no odor.

Bait System vs Termidor liquid treatment—how much does it cost to treat termites?

There is much information on this subject, but as a quick summary:

  • On average, Bait Systems cost $500-$2,500 for the home, with an average annual renewal fee of $240-$500. These systems can take 9-12 months to eradicate an active infestation.
  • Termidor liquid treatments cost about $500-$1,500, with an average renewal of $125-$180 per year. Termidor starts working immediately.

Termite Control Cost: What Can I Expect? 

We offer free inspections of a structure to get a quote or advice on clients' concerns. Real Estate inspections for a home sale or refinance, which require termite certificates, normally the average cost is $65-$160, depending on the inspection company.

What kind of guarantees are offered?

Louisiana Regulations require that all termite companies have at least $500,000 in liability insurance in case of negligence. Extermatrim carries $1 million in coverage. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on qualified homes, which few other companies offer.

Guaranteed Protection From Termites

When you’re searching for pest treatments, you want solutions you can count on. With Extermatrim, you can trust that our organic treatments and trained technicians will eliminate your termite problems for good. Our core values are honesty, integrity, reliability, and family—and to us, that means standing by our work. We’re so sure you’ll love our service that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you experience problems between treatments, you’ll get a free service call to set things right. If you’re still not happy, you get a refund on your payment in the last 30 days. 

We’re proud to provide professional treatments in the following areas:

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