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Your bed is your place for rest and restoration—and nothing can rob you of your peace faster than a bed bug infestation. These bloodsucking pests are infecting more and more homes each year, and you can easily find your own home under siege. If you want reliable bed bug treatment, look no further than your local experts at Extermatrim. For decades, we’ve been developing our services to be quick, family-and-pet friendly, and straightforward. 

Effective Treatments for Lasting Results

Your treatment options depend on what we find during an inspection, and you may only need preventative measures. If there is current evidence of an infestation, we’ll take action fast to eliminate the problem at the source. As you can see in the picture above, our expert exterminators will come to your home and treat the infected area without having to get rid of beds or furniture, giving you the most cost-effective solution to your bed bug problem. 

When you partner with us for bed bug treatment, you can expect the following:

  • An inspection—This is necessary to estimate what type and cost of treatment will be required, either an Active Treatment (visible evidence or live activity) or a Proactive Treatment (no visible evidence found). 

  • Monitoring—We have monitoring options, and the cost depends on your desired level of monitoring. We can monitor before or after treatment, depending on what your inspection shows.

  • Conventional treatment—This is necessary if any past or present activity is found upon inspection. We use the most up-to-date and family-friendly products to treat your furniture, beds, dressers, floors—anything and everything to eliminate bed bugs once and for all!

  • Immediate Relief—Once you decide on the treatment of your choice, with a signed agreement our representative can provide your home with immediate relief from these biting and itchy pests until the full treatment is performed. 

  • Follow-up inspections—To ensure bed bugs are gone for good, we return for a follow-up inspection in 2 weeks and then another 45 days later after the initial treatment. 

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Eco-Friendly Solutions 

Worried about whether your service will be safe for your loved ones and pets? We’ve got you covered. At Exteratrim, your health, safety, and comfort is our top concern. We are proud to utilize organic, eco-friendly treatments administered by highly trained and licensed professionals in all of our services.

Save $100 on Your Treatment

It’s time to start sleeping soundly again. With Extermatrim, not only will you take back your good night’s sleep, but you can also save $100 on our eco-friendly bed bug treatment! Redeem your offer today!

Bed Bug Treatments and Options

If you have bloodstains in your sheets or on the base of your walls, or if you notice a musky smell coming from your furniture, you may have bed bugs. It’s important to call a professional as soon as you think you may have bed bugs, as the earlier the infestation is caught, it could save you on treatment cost, and the better it is to get rid of it quickly. There is a difference between introduction and infestation, both of which affect treatment plans and cost. 

If our inspection shows that you have an active bed bug infestation, here is what our bed bug management program options include:

  • Customer preparation: An Extermatrim exterminator will review with you, in writing, the steps necessary, on the homeowners/tenants /property managers’ part, in order to get the treatment started on the right foot. Extermatrim does not require any furniture or beds to be discarded in order to eliminate and kill bed bugs in your home or apartment.

  • Treatment and monitoring, depending on the infestation. 

  • Box spring encasements: As we know, a bed bug’s favorite place to stay is in the crevices of the inside of all your home's beds box springs. Box spring encasements are a vital part of the bed bug treatment/protection process. For our recurring customers, we offer a free liner that comes with a 10-year guarantee!

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Convenient No-Contract Options 

You’re stressed enough with bed bugs—let’s not add scheduling concerns to your list of frustrations. Our team at Extermatrim goes above and beyond to give you incredible customer service throughout your entire experience with us, from the first phone call to every treatment afterward. Our convenient one-time service options mean you’ll only ever get the services you want. These no-strings-attached appointments can be a great fix for a minor pest problem. For a bigger infestation, our recurring treatment programs can give you the relief you need as well as a range of benefits including same-day service, money-saving coupons, and our money-back guarantee. 

Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment 

If you’re ready for bed bug treatment that will completely remove all bed bugs, look no further than Extermatrim. We offer two guarantees with our bed bug treatments—a 45-day guarantee or a 9-month guarantee—which depends on your treatment plan. No other pest control company offers a guarantee of up to 9 months! Our guarantees include a 30-day money-back guarantee with free follow-up services.

We’re proud to provide professional bed bug treatment in the following areas:

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