Bed bugs can be difficult to identify. Their appearance can also change depending on the bedbugs age and if it has recently eaten.Bed Bug Top

Adult bedbugs are reddish brown in color and approximately 1/4 to 3/8” long, they are about the same in width as they are long. They are about the size of an orange seed. Bed bugs do not have wings. Bed Bugs can move very quickly on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, adults moving up to 4 feet per minute and the young moving about 1 foot per minute.

If it’s been a while since a bed bug has eaten, it’s flat and oval in shape. Once a bedbug has bitten someone it swells in size, becoming longer and darker in color. If you have a bed bug infestation you may notice some or all of these: live adult bedbugs or small clear nymph bedbugs, old skins, dead bedbugs and black spots on the mattress.

Bed bugs are active normally at night, so it is not likely that you will see any during the day. However, they can become accustomed to feeding during the day if you have a large population in a particular room and/or they become aware that people are sleeping during the day.

If you think you have found a bed bug, try to catch it on a piece of tape or put it in a plastic bag, you can then have this bug identified by an Extermatrim Pest Control Professional. We provide free inspections and treatments in all of the Lafayette and Lake Charles areas, covering all of Acadiana and South West Louisiana. Call Extermatrim today at 800-620-7378.

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