Termite Treatment Solutions for Lafayette and Lake Charles Areas

When termites have already entered a building, accurately identifying their areas of access and professionally protecting the structure with a non-repellant termiticide is the most effective way to control pest termite and prevent further damage.

  • Termidor Treatments – Extermatrim uses mainly the Globally Top Rated Termite Treatment,Termidor, for over 12 years now.                                           Cost averages around $500 - $1,500
  • Best Termite Inspections- a 57 point inspection can be performed at No Charge, with a free termite control quote.
  • Real Estate Certificates- Selling, buying or refinancing a home normally requires WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report) Cost averages $45-$85
  • Termite Company Comparison Sheet, when shopping.

Most Other Companies

Annual Renewable Contract
1 Year Money Back Guarantee
Annual Renewal Price Lock

5-7 Year Contract Limit
30 day guarantee
Annual Renewal Increases after 2-3 years

  • Lake Charles Termites are extremely difficult to control. Formosan termites have become wide spread in the SWLA areas.
  • Lafayette Termites have been a bit less aggressive , however termites can normally infest a structure for 2-4 years before any evidence of activity.

At Extermatrim, we take pride in our termite services and solutions. We use the most innovative and effective termite control products available, which includes the most effective products such as, TERMIDOR SC, TERMIDOR DRY and TERMIDOR FOAM. We don't take chances or cut corners with any lesser products that other companies may use. TERMIDOR has been the most effective and cost effective termite treatment on the market today.

We are also insured for termite treatments, as required by the State of Louisiana for ALL termite control and pest control companies.

Termite Inspections done at NO CHARGE!!!             Call Today at 800-620-7378.

Extermatrim will control pest termites in all of the Acadiana and South West Louisiana areas for subterranean termites, formosan termites, drywood termites and powder post beetles.



  • Avoiding contact of wood with ground by using concrete blocks, steel or masonry foundation with appropriate barriers. Even so, termites are able to bridge these with shelter tubes, and it has been known for termites to chew through even lead piping to reach moisture.
  • Timber treatment or otherwise known as treated lumber.
  • Use of wood that is naturally resistant to termites and powder post beetles. Note that there is no such wood that provides guaranteed proof against termite damage, only some that would be less favorable.

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