Why choose Extermatrim?

  • Extermatrim provides SAME DAY BITE RELIEF, as soon as a treatment agreement is signed. No need to wait days for biting bed bug relief. 
  • Less headache and Less cost (less work for you and one treatment cycle with Extermatrim gives you what you need)
  • 9 month guarantee, we are that confident in our treatments, which eliminate visible and hidden bed bugs and their eggs!  ...... (no one else even comes close, most other companies offer 30 day guarantees)
  • Less preperation required (no need to haul clothes to a washateria, no washing clothes necessary and no storing your other belongings in bags for months)
  • No replacing any furniture or beds with an infestation of bedbugs. (many other companies recommend diposal of infested beds or furniture)
  • No expensive fumigations or heat treatments necessary.
  • Most of Extermatrim's bed bug clients are now over 4 years without new bed bug activity. (most other companies' clients have some reinfestations within 1-14 months)
  • Extermatrim stays on the cutting edge of NEW treatment techniques. 
  • Extermatrim has the quickest bed bugs kill timeline of any bed bug pest control company.

Bed Bug Treatment and Options

3 ways to approach your possible bed bug infestation:

  • Inspection- is necessary to confirm if any past or present activity or evidence is visible.
  • Monitoring- is possibly all that is necessary if no visible signs are found by our inspector.
  • Conventional treatment- will be necessary if ANY past or present activity is found upon inspection.

This is the process if treatment is necessary to kill bed bugs:

1) Inspection

A through inspection is necessary to estimate what type and cost of treatment which will be required to control the bedbugs you are having problems with. After our professional bed bug Inspection, we will make a determination of whether we recommend an Active Treatment (Visible evidence or live activity) or a Proactive Treatment (No visible evidence found).

2) Customer Preparation

An Extermatrim Technician will review with you, in writing, the steps necessary, on the homeowners / tenants / property managers’ part, in order to get the treatment started on the right foot with with our bed bugs spray program. Extermatrim does not require any furniture or beds to be discarded in order to eliminate and kill bed bugs in your home or apartment.

3) Conventional Treatment

Extermatrim uses the most up to date, researched and University tested bed bug pest control materials and techniques to treat furniture, beds, dressers, floors, cracks & crevices, etc.….. to ELIMINATE your bedbug infestation. We are also on the look out constantly for new innovative treatments, devices and ways to control South Louisiana Bedbug outbreaks, which includes all of Acadiana and South West Louisiana.

4) Monitoring Devices

Extermatrim has several monitoring options to ensure the effectiveness of your treatment. The cost of these options depends on your desired level of monitoring aggressiveness. Some monitors are simple, with a short lifespan and are inexpensive and then there are other higher priced monitors that can last for a year or longer. The choice is yours. However we do not recommend monitors be installed on an Active Treatment until at least the 45 day follow up. However, monitors can be installed on the initial treatment when we are doing a Proactive Treatment.

5) Mattress/ Box Spring Encasements/ Liners

A bed bugs top, most favorite resting place is in the the crevices and folds of a mattress and box spring. In a home, apartment or hotel room that has evidence of a present activity, Extermatrim's high quality mattress and box spring encasements, which come with a 15 year guarantee, are a vital part of the bed bug treatment to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible from the start of the treatment process.

Bed bug treatment liners are also an option for boxsprings to provide up to 2 years of protection. 

6) Follow Up Treatments/Inspections and Guarantee

Extermatrim knows how to get rid of bed bugs and types of bed bug pest control guarantees:

1) 9 Month Guarantee - Our technician installs the highly recommended Extermatrim Exterminating, Inc high quality 15 year guaranteed mattress & box spring encasements on ALL beds in rooms with ANY evidence of bed bugs in the home / apartment / hotel room. In addition, arrangements will have be made to ensure that all the required preparation is done before the initial treatment. Then Extermatrim will schedule a 14 day follow up treatment, a 45 day follow up inspection / treatment, if necessary and a 6 month follow up inspection.... if necessary.

2) 90 Day Gurantee - We offer the same treatment as mentioned above, however we use boxspring liners instead of encasements. 

3) 30 Day Guarantee - Homeowner/property manager is to make sure that all the required preparation is done before the initial treatment. Then, Extermatrim will schedule a 14 day follow up treatment. This treatment does not require the purchase of mattress encasements, however the boxspring either needs to be encased or discarded and then replaced.

Compare Extermatrim's 9 month guarantee against Orkin Pest Control, Terminix, J&J Exterminating jjext.com, or any other local pest control company. No other local guarantee can compare. Extermatrim provides the top bed bugs pest control in Louisiana.

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