1)  How do know if I have bed bugs?

Some individuals’ notice bites on their skin or blood spots on their sheets/clothes they slept in. Other individuals, when an infestation is present, they have no indications of any bedbug bites.

2) What do bed bugs look like?

Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and approximately 1/4 to 3/8” long, they are about the same in width as they are long. They are about the size of an orange seed. They have no wings, & cannot fly.

3) How much does it cost to treat for bed bugs?

Many companies charges start at $900.00 - $2,500.00. Extermatrim charges what is necessary to eliminate the problem, with prices starting at $399.00

4) How do people get bedbugs in there home/apartment?

“Bed bugs go where people go”, Hotels, Dorms, Movie Theaters, Clothing Stores, Buses, Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Taxies, Rental Cars, etc….. and an adult can live up to a year without a blood meal. You have to be aware of the risk anywhere you go or travel.

5) Are bed bugs spray from a local store or internet site effective?

Most bed bugs spray on the market avaliable to consumers is normally a pyrethrum based liquid. Most of the latest research and studies have proven that 85%-95% of all bed bugs are resistant to this chemical formulation. And so unless you drown a bed bug with this kind of spray, it will usually have very little insecticide killing effectiveness on the adults. The bed bug eggs cannot be penetrated by any insecticide on the market. However, Extermatrim' 9 month bed bugs kill guarantee eliminates visible and hidden bedbugs and the eggs they leave behind.

6) What do need to consider when moving?

Make sure you do a through inspection, or hire a professional, of the residence you are considering moving into. Many times a tenant will move out of a rent house, apartment or hotel room because of an ongoing bedbug problem that could not be resolved. When you move in, it becomes your nightmare. DO YOUR INSPECTIONS FIRST!

7) What do I need to consider when traveling?

As mentiond earlier “Bed bugs go where people go” , when you travel your suitcase goes: In the Taxi, airport, belly of the airplane, you sit in an airplane, your suitcase goes into another airport, into another taxi or rental car, then into a hotel room. You have NO CLUE if bedbugs were in one or more of these areas……and then, you head back home and expose yourself and luggage to the same risk all over again! You have to be aware of the risk anywhere you go or travel.

8) What kind of guarantee can I expect?

Extermatrim offers 2 bed bug treatment guarantees:

a) A 45 day Guarantee

b) Up to a 9 Month Guarantee **NO ONE offers this long of a Bed Bug Pest Control Treatment Guarantee!!

10) How many treatments will I need in my home?

2 treatments are necessary to kill bed bugs that are in any structure..

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